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December 2017


With this being our annual double issue of Up Country it will also be the last time I will write this column in the format it is now. The decision we have made regarding the magazine is mainly due to the ever increasing costs, especially with the postage which, over the last two years we have only just managed to absorb.
There is no reason to be concerned though, this doesn’t mean the end of our magazine. After much debate that has been running for at least 12 months, we have decided to combine Up Country with our sister magazine Cross Country. This will happen from the February 2018 issue.

It will mean a lot of hard work for us in the coming weeks as we continue to plan a total redesign of both magazines with the size being a little smaller than Up Country as it is now and slightly larger in format than Cross Country. We feel that this is the best way forward for everyone and it will bring the whole of the Country music scene together under one umbrella and hopefully double our readership for both magazines.

The ‘new’ magazine will be published every month with no double issues. There will still be dances printed each month and some, if not all, of the features, with the news, face the music and so on. I would hope that you will see why our course of action has become necessary and will continue to support us, with some having done so from the very beginning.
All I will say is, give the new magazine a try and see what you think, we hope it will offer you more information from around the Country scene than a single magazine has ever done before. We have already noticed how many of the dances and the songs for them are repeatedly mentioned in Cross Country so it makes sense to amalgamate the two.
During its 24 years of production I think Up Country magazine has more than justified its existence in terms of being a leading player within the Country music scene and I have been pleased to be part of its growth in the 18 years I have been associated with it and look forward to many more. As with everything, things have to move on and hopefully with your continued support we will be given the encouragement to carry on for many years to come.

For this last stand alone Up Country I am pleased to have Tim McGraw and his wife Faith Hill as our front cover artists, who many of you will be seeing in March when they will headline the popular C2C festival. Tim was so blown away with the response he received back in 2013 and said then he couldn’t wait to come back and bring his wife with him. I thought he was exceptional as the headline act for the festival’s inaugural weekend.

All that is left is to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year and thank you once again for your support and contributions over the years.

Keep listening, keep dancing, keep it Country.

Contents ...

British Country Music Awards
We give you a run down on the show and also take a look at the winners of awards at this year’s BCMA awards ceremony.

We have five Darius Rucker cds to give away.
cd Darius Rucker

Country Music Association Awards
With it being Awards season we give you the nominees and winners as well as an insight into the show itself.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
With the ‘power’ couple coming to the C2C we thought we would share some information on our cover featured artists.

Year 1954
We are looking back to the year when Roger Bannister broke the first four minute mile.

Kenny Foster
‘A new Country artist that you need to know about!’

Hannah’s World
Hannah Valize and Tom Caldwell take a look at what is happening around the world in Country music.

Goodbye for now …
Up Country magazine - the future
You may have read on page three about the future of Up Country magazine.
While Up Country continues to be very popular among line dance and Country fans, like many publications, not just those covering Country music, we have been very much priced out by the increase in mailing and production costs so unfortunately we can only go on by combining Up Country with Cross Country magazine.
By doing so we expect it to put us into a formidable and stable position and expect a long and successful future.
Country music is huge in the UK and while we shall continue to cover the US stars we will include more information about the UK scene.
Cross Country currently cost £1.50 but from February the magazine will cost £2 so subscribers to Up Country will have their subscription adjusted so they get an extension to the amount of time they will receive it, bearing in mind there will now be 12 issues rather the present 11.
Any current subscribers will get a reminder when their subscription is due for renewal and will be able to do so at a reduced price to reflect the lower monthly cost.
The Gig Guide in the new magazine will not only give news of who is on where at the Country music clubs but it will also give information about classes and the intention is they will be kept up to date.
The Face The Music section will still be published because it is an essential part of the British Country scene where overseas acts as well as our own tour the UK.
As far as features go, they will continue, as will the cd reviews, albeit they quite often get repeated in both magazines at present.
Our nostalgic look back over the years and Hannah’s look around the world of Country music is also an interesting feature that will be continuing.
Along with this you will be able to read the Country club reports from all over the UK which, if you were to read them, you would see which dances are popular where and which clubs are worth a visit. We shall also give more information about whether a club is dance friendly or has a concert setting so you can choose one for your particular kind of enjoyment at any given time.
An added bonus for Up Country readers
is that Cross Country is full of advertisements for every conceivable event throughout the year so there is no reason not to go out and enjoy your kind of Country music.
Also by combining Up Country and Cross Country magazines we shall get more time to research British acts and be able to
pass the information onto you via our pages.
We have thought long and hard about this decision and now, having made up our minds it’s upwards and onwards.
We look forward to your comments and also your continued support during and after the transition.

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