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October 2017

Country Music News.........

This month my column is more concerned with dancing rather than the music!

Summer has been and gone and so now we look forward to a busier time of year as far as the clubs and classes are concerned. This will also bring a few changes to our publications as we put our heads together to see what we can improve on, so if you have any ideas or suggestions let us know.

We are changing our free service to line dance instructors - don’t worry, there is still no charge! If you are an instructor we now want you to give us the name and address of your venue, along with a telephone number of your dance class(es) so we can update the magazine. Only those given to us will be included, with the existing list on page 47 discontinuing because it does not have venue details in it. As they say on Facebook, ‘we shall see who takes any notice’. Mind you, it is amazing how quick the response usually is when something is missing! Be sure to mention that the listing you send is headed ‘line dance classes’ and please include the county and postcode as well as the town, village etc. As I wrote, this is a free service to both the instructors and to those who want to learn the latest dances so please make use of it.

Since we began this publication, albeit under various guises and titles, the Country music scene has changed. The magazine started out as a way of connecting the people of Sheffield and North East Derbyshire when there were over 1,000 dancers and listeners going along to the clubs and classes run by our editor. It has grown to be a worldwide publication and has had its present title for around 20 years. I can remember, as I am sure many of you can too, the days of learning the Tush Push, Blue Rose Is, One Step Forward, Stroll Along Cha Cha and a little later Kelly’s Cannibals, Black Coffee and also going along to a Country club just to listen rather than to dance. These days it is quite often about dance or at least listening to the latest songs that the dancers want to dance to.

Up Country has been there all the way through the transformation of the scene and has consistently kept the music choice to Country music and has not bowed to the pressure of publishing dances to the latest pop tune, nor will it do so.

We have had a few changes of dance editors in our time, even taking on the task ourselves. It is not easy to choose what the latest top dances will be, nor is it straightforward when it comes to typing them out in a consistent format for all to read, so we are grateful to Andrew & Sheila Palmer for continuing taking on this role. Last month they asked what you thought about the latest classification of the various dances and we ask again, can you let us know your views on the subject so some sort of industry standard can be attained. It is no good reading that a dance is at beginner level when it is obviously not. We should remember that we were beginners once and also how hard it was to work out a grapevine or a kick-ball-change, let alone a jazz box so a rolling vine, sailor step or coaster step etc, along with a monterey turn have to be considered as to which category they go into.

Keep listening, keep dancing, keep it Country.


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We are looking back to the year when Charlie Rich burnt the piece of paper which had John Denver’s name as Entertainer of the Year.

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